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November 8, 2005
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Desert scene by yakushkin Desert scene by yakushkin
jgfeller you might like that one:)
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katatonik23 Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2005
:wow: simply amazing! I agree with =jono-renton and wish I could :+fav: in more than only one time:)
great work!:clap:
yakushkin Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2005
Thank you
jono-renton Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2005
this is beautiful!! how has it only got 8 favorites?! and yet its a featured print! oh well il have to add :) :+fav: nice work
yakushkin Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2005
thank you very much for the comment and fav")
smashingpumpkins86 Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2005
very cool! i see that little lizard!
yakushkin Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2005
thank you for the comment
WhenPigsFry Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2005  Hobbyist General Artist
:D I do like it... I feel a little strange for being mentioned in the 'artist comments' but that's cool.

I'm guessing you said I'd like it because the little lizard being a focus point but not the center of attention, and I do like that, but what gets me about this piece is the vibrant colors that are contrasted by crisp shadows falling over the dunes. I also love the choice for you to crop it narrow and tall like that and using the lines in the sand to cause the eye to sink into the photo as if you're walking into the scene. Can't forget those tiny little clouds up top, after living in the desert for a year, I've come to take great excitement in seeing clouds, even the little ones! Great photography man... looks like I'm not the only one to like it either! You seem to have a large fan base now!

Gonna have to :+fav: this one too.

You mentioned something about adding more stuff to prints in one of your comments back to me. I'm thinking this will be a great idea for you, especialy if you keep adding more work like the ones you already have. Your photography is stunning. Is this what you do for a living?
yakushkin Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2005
Glad you like the choice of the desert, once you lived there nothing can be comparated to it...sorry for mentioning you in the comments area.
thank you for the fav+ , :)
WhenPigsFry Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2005  Hobbyist General Artist
No problem, didn't mind being mentioned it was just unexpected :) I wish that I could live in a pretty desert like that instead of this one. The sand is dirty and full of trash... :no:
dandanfotoman Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2005   Photographer
lovely image...not too sure how it was edited but any more increase in colour saturation i think would have been too much
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